The Atlantic & America

by Ironwood Run

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released January 21, 2011

Produced by A. Forrest: Small-Farm Records
Recorded and Mixed exclusively in Analog
Mastered to Digital by Bart Budwig: Blue Box Studios



all rights reserved


Ironwood Run Pullman, Washington

We play rock and roll. Often.

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Track Name: Shotgun Blues
I woke up this mornin’ with a shotgun in my bed
Woke up this mornin’ with a shotgun in my bed
Oh till these shotgun blues is dead

Two in the Chamber, one beneath my head
Two in the chamber and one beneath my head
Aww hope these shotgun blues is dead
Track Name: Blue Eyed Love
I’m standing at the crossroads of a highway and a dream
Dakota sunrise on my back and a sign that’s got your name
And I oughta be where I was born where the seasons never change
But your arms are holdin’ me tighter than those coffee-housin’, yawnin’ trains

I’m kneelin at the crossroads of highway lines and memories
The Minnesota sun’s done settin’ and the fireflies they’re waitin’ on the stream
And if our lives ain’t made for movies, honey, can we still make it a scene…
When I come knockin on the back door and it’s midnight and you’re still my queen?

And you never asked me where I been
You spent last night thinkin’ bout him
You’re as disappointing as a wayward dove
And I just don’t know why you won’t deny my blue eyed love

I’m sleepin at the crossroads and waitin’ on the rain to stop
It’s got the radiator hissin’ cuz there’s borders that we still ain’t crossed
Ain’t seen a Mountain since Montana when our compasses all got tossed
And since the map blew out in Texas, I say, Honey-babe, we ain’t been lost

And you got a body like a blacksmith song
And when you ain’t doin’ me you’re doin me wrong
You’re about as faithful as melted Iron
And I just don’t know why you want this blue-eyed love of mine

Country station’s A.M. static loves a well-worn wooden floor to echo off
It goes bouncin’ across our eardrums like your linen sheets so raspy and soft
That your scarlet hair is crossin’ and my hands they’re runnin’ across
Just like a Highway through the Midwest or a train that don’t stop

And you found the best letter she ever wrote
Yes you could’ve asked me if you wanted to know
Cuz you ain’t the only one who’s been wandering and I ain’t the type to lose
And if you’d only done the same I’da saved all my blue-eyed love for you
Track Name: Zorba
Now Zorba was a friend of mine
he loved the dance and he loved the wine
and there never was a better brother born
I found him or he found me,
whichever it was in a storm at sea,
he sang his song and told me of the war-
And he’d once been a lumberjack,
sailor, soldier and a diamond rat and that
hand I shook was callused and well worn.
The storm it swelled as we had a drink-
I let it burn, and he began to sing
in this voice that matched our steamship’s silver horn:

"Da ya ya da da da, Da ya ya da da da, Da ya ya da da da daaaa"

We landed on the shores of Crete,
an Englishman and trusty Greek
and quickly me and Zorba hatched a plan
When I was young my father died
and left me with this diamond mine
that with some sweat could make us both rich men
So Off went Zorba to the town
to buy those things that lift the ground
and make the diamonds fall into our hands
With ever dollar I had brought
that Zorba went to town and he bought
wine and booze and whores and girls to dance
… and he was singin’


A turncoat friend and a lowdown thief,
a wolf in wool I shoulda seen,
but St. Peter even sometimes calls em wrong
so remember every word I speak
in case you ever meet this Greek
say Zorba just leave me the hell alone
then he’ll look you square in your eye
and tell again that bastard’s lie
that in his life there’s not a man he’s wronged
and don’t you let him buy your drink
cuz when he does he’s gonna make you sing
and even Job could not resist this song
Track Name: Pendleton Overcoat
I been dreamin’ of a lakeshore and a Pendleton Overcoat
Snow settlin’ on Jasper Pines while I follow you up the road
I been thinkin’ bout a fireplace and a chimney whistlin’ smoke
And the way you curl up next to me when you read the stories I wrote

I been ponderin’ the Ponderosas in the evening monochrome
With her hazy grays and lazy days of eatin’ what we’ve grown
I have had the luck of a Larkspur whose seeds have just been sown
By the well-worn hand of a farmer and the best lover that he’s known

Darlin’ you got the kinda soul Butch Cassidy couldn’t steal
And you could start a heartbreak Bogart would be hard-pressed to conceal
You been born as tough as Dixie, lived through love like a battle field
And if your dreams ain’t yet blown to smithereens I’d love for you to let me make 'em real

Because if I could see the evergreen shine in your Inland Empire eyes each night
And spend my mornings alongside you with a loaf of bread and a sunrise
Oh there’s no dollar I’d need again cuz no fortune could buy
The feelin’ of your freewheelin’ fingers intertwined in mine
Track Name: Tennessee Soul
Well my dreams are full of moonshine
And my head's wanderin through the pines
And my feet they’re getting lonesome for
Those cornfields of mine

Wish my hands was splittin kindling
Or my heart swingin from a limb
Hangin’ low across the river
Where you taught me to swim

So mama don’t you worry
Your boys a’comin home
Mama don’t you cry
I got a Tennessee soul

We been wanderin for a long time
From the Channel to Rhine
And if hopelessness was dollars
Well I wouldn’t need a dime

The old world’s getting older
And the summer’s gone cold
And it all should be over
Least that’s what I was told


the four winds are a-blowin
and my thoughts start to flow
to the river I was born on
and a nephew I don’t know

cuz my lover she is lonesome
got a two-year-old son
and you I don’t get to meet him
till this damn war is done

Track Name: Radio Girl
Radio Girl you know I love your voice
Wouldn’t change the station If I had a choice
I don’t know where you are or how you look,
But I know you play my favorite bands
And I read your favorite books

Radio Girl you know my love is true
Your voice is modulating my heart’s amplitude
Radio Girl I know how happy I’d be
If you would modulate your frequency of seein’ me

Radio Girl you got an open line
I know I should call in but you must not have time
You’re probably readin’ Kerouac again,
You probly got a boyfriend in a great indie band

Radio Girl love must be blind
I never see your face and you're always on my mind
Radio Girl I never know what to say
my tongue gets more twisted every record you play

Radio girl I just want you to know
I’m never busy on Friday if you need a guest on the show
And Radio girl I never will be blue
as long as my heart’s dial never leaves you
Track Name: Bonnie & Clyde
Bonnie, let me tell ya, I’ll be your Clyde any day
We’ll travel south Dakota I know just the place to stay
It’s where the outlaws run the city and the liquor tastes the best
And everybody there’s as honest as this heart that’s in my chest

You ain’t gotta take your guns off when you walk into the bar
And nobody tries to kill ya when you’re drivin in your car,
Write poems take pictures or even smoke cigars

The doors are never locked, hotels are never full
Cops are always busy sewin’ blankets outta wool
And if you ever get stuck ya know there’s always someone to pull.

So if you wanna be together darlin’
Just give me your word
I got money from New Orleans and an engine ‘neath the hood
And all you gotta say is “uh-huh, I’d love a life that good”
All you gotta say is “Clyde, I’d die to have a life that good”

So Bonnie lemme tell ya I’ll be your Clyde any day
We’ll travel south Dakota I know just the place to stay
It’s where the outlaws run the city and the liquor don’t taste the same
Yeah, the outlaws run the city and we’ll always be safe
Track Name: Atlantic & America
She’s a wanderer, a philosopher, my darlin’ is a fountain of youth
Keeps Springsteen by her bed but she don’t listen till he’s dead she said “until then I’ll stick to my Delta Blues”
She got mountains on her mind and never lets a poem rhyme and she’s never been the first to shoot
Drinks whisky when she cries and says the north star never lies and when she smiles he’s as hot as hundred proof

And at 5am she finds my Remington and watches the sun rise over the keys
I could die a happy man listenin’ to the letters slam and splittin’ sheets with the writer next to me
Best damn thing I’ve seen

I’m a busker, I’m a rustler, I’m a mapmaker’s brother too
Write melodies like wine and I trellis every rhyme and this harvest hasn’t stopped since I met you
Keep secrets in these curls, tangled, hidden from the world best way I’ve seen of easin’ round the truth
Drink coffee black as ink, always shoot before I think, and I’d never be caught dead without my boots

And at 6 o’clock darlin’ when your train stopped I was waitin’ like a hurricane
To see the lightnin’ flashin’ in your eyes when I make landfall on your thighs and wash every other lover’s face away
So don’t you hesitate

Pulled your heartstrings, hot as New Orleans and I burned my throat just tryin’ to sing in tune
So I let your chorus answer from those hands as strong as cancer sketchin’ skyscrapers outta lines from this haiku
And If you’ll build a town for me I’ll proudly waltz you down it’s streets I’ll serenade you with melodies I’ve brewed
So hold me tight while you’re still here cuz I got a love bigger than fear and there ain’t no one who needs it more than you

Cuz your time zone’s gonna change and our new days won’t switch the same when the Atlantic and America come between
But we’ll find lovers that won’t die- they’ll stay faithful we’ll deny every whisky-tinted white noise memory
Of a life when love was free

Penny postcard, stuck ‘neath the strings of this guitar is hittin’ my heart just like a freight train flyin’ through
And if we’d taught these streets to talk I’d let Charlotte and Maple cross, and stitch our story back from the patches we left strewn
Like October leaves ‘neath an oak, our footprints in the snow, or the shrapnel from the chances that we blew
Cuz you left this hometown haunted, every other love I’ve wanted hasn’t held me half as tight as I held you

So last night I took that clock and a gun I never shot and it got blown away in a vigilante wind
You always told me “time’s a lie” so as I watched those pieces fly I realized as long as I’d see you again
It didn’t matter when.